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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is iDfast?

iDfast is an emergency response identification aid. Laser-marked on a stainless steel metal tag. An iDfast identification aid contains information such as your name, emergency contact person, phone number, blood type, important medical information or drug allergies. 

How does that work? 

In case of an emergency, iDfast provides crucial information when you are physically unable to do so for yourself. 

How do you use it? 

iDfast is an accessory that you wear. It can be worn on the wrist or your ankle, on a watch or on a shoe. 

I always carry some form of identification. Isn’t that enough? 

Existing identification most likely does not contain emergency contact person or numbers, blood type or important medical information. In an emergency, having vital information is crucial. It can sometimes make a difference between life and death. 

What information should I have on iDfast? 

At a minimum, your name, name of person(s) and their phone numbers. Include your blood type, drug allergies if any and any important medical information. 

How is the information carried on iDfast? 

Information is laser-marked on a stainless steel metal tag. The information is permanent and visible at close distance. 

I do not like my whereabouts to be tracked? 

iDfast is not a tracking device and does not track your activities. It is neither a gadget with coded information. It is information readable at close distance. 

What are the advantages of visible information over coded information? 

Visible information is ready information that can be instantly read at close distance. Coded information requires a secondary decoding and/or reading device such as a scanner and a PC or a smart phone with the apps already installed. With visible information, it provides immediate information which can be potentially life- saving. Coded information that relies on another equipment or gadget to read requires electricity or battery, an app and sometimes a 3G signal. These are not practical in an emergency. 

How different is this from a tracking device? 

A tracking device uses GPS and has either a one way or two way alert feature. A one way alert device allows the family member to track the whereabout of the wearer. A two way alert allows the wearer to alert a family member of his whereabout. 
iDfast does not have tracking capabilities. In an emergency situation, the wearer of the device may not be able to alert family members. An iDfast identification aid has ready next-of-kin contact information for first responders to alert family members. 

I like this idea of emergency response identification aid but I am not comfortable with putting too much information. 

You don’t have to put too much information if you prefer. Simply have your name and a contact number. You do not have to print their name or their relationship to you. Blood type and important medical information is useful but you may choose to omit it if you prefer. 

How is my personal information protected? 

Information provided to us for the tag is used solely for the purpose of laser-marking on the product itself. We do not disclose your information to third parties.