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Why iDfast

The importance of carrying some form of personal identification cannot be over-emphasised. It may not always be possible to carry your identification documents with you all the time. iDfast take the mystery out of guessing who you are.  Most identification documents do not carry emergency contact numbers or important medical information or drug allergies. Having this information on you can make a big difference especially if it is potentially life-saving. When your loved ones or medical personnel need to be alerted, iDfast has the information ready.

Here are some reasons why iDfast is an essential product!

  • Communicates for you when you can’t
  • Provides emergency contact information to first responders
  • Alerts medical personnel to medical conditions or allergies
  • Reduces delay and minimises risks and complications
  • Aids the physically and mentally challenged
  • Speaks for the young and the elderly when they cannot communicate
  • Helps locate lost loved ones fast
  • Potentially life saving
Mishaps can happen at any time. Be prepared rather than sorry.